Are you moving during the hot months? Right Choice Movers is here to help, offering fast-paced, careful moving to close out your house. Our Minneapolis movers take pride in their work, and every project is met with sincerity and respectability. We’ve got your back—even if the sun is beating down.

While we work, there are a few things you should know. If you’re moving out during the summer months, take care with these hot-weather tips.

Tip One: Enlist the Family

Your Right Choice Movers can do most of the lifting. This said, small fragile items are often reserved for the homeowner’s car. Nobody wants to make multiple yard trips, right? Get as many family members involved as possible. It’ll reduce your exposure to the sun as well as reduce the amount of time your belongings sit in your vehicle.

Tip Two: It’s Time for a Yard Sale

Hundreds of thousands of Americans participate in yard sales per week. Yard sales are a great way to reduce leftover clutter. Many neighborhood residents enjoy going to yard sales during the summer—as the kids are out of school to help them. If you have any odd-end items you need to get rid of, consider posting a small yard sale away from the main moving area.

Tip Three: Double-Check the Utilities

As you’re closing out, you should make sure your new home’s utilities are connected. Whether you’re enlisting Right Choice Movers for an apartment or household move, knowing about your end-game never hurts. Contact your new apartment manager, or drive to your new home beforehand. Make sure the electricity and water are fully available, otherwise, you might arrive to a sweltering living room.

Tip Four: Pack a Moving Day Kit

If you’re moving out when the sun is high, make sure you’ve packed some essentials. Your “moving day kit” should consist of emergency items, cleaning items, and things to help with the heat, such as:

●        Water bottles

●        Toiletries

●        A fresh change of clothes

●        A fresh towel

Right Choice Movers has helped household and apartment residents make big moves for years, and we’re always ready to accommodate for the heat. Rain or shine, we’ll make sure your furniture, boxes, and valuable items are transported safely.

Once you’re ready, give us a call at 612-294-6683. We’ll make sure the move goes as quickly as possible—keeping you, and your family, cool as can be. If you have any questions about our arrival times, contact one of our providers today.