Moving is exhausting, but it doesn't mean that once you finally arrive at your new home, you can take it easy. There is too much to do! The first 48 hours after moving are hectic, but this short guide can help.


The First 24 Hours


●        Turn on your critical utilities. If your services, such as electricity, water, and gas, were turned off, now is the time to turn them back on. If it is possible, you should arrange to have your utilizes working when you arrive to save time and make moving in much easier.

●        Double check everything was delivered. Take a quick inventory to ensure everything you packed was delivered to your new home undamaged. If you are missing any items or anything is broken, make sure to inform the movers before they leave.

●        Thoroughly inspect your new home. Explore every inch of your new home to make sure no surprises are waiting for you such as leaks or trash you need to take care of immediately. Definitely locate your fuse box and main water shutoff valve.

●        Replace the locks, test fire alarms, and change alarm codes. Ensure your new home is safe and secure by changing previous locks and security codes to guarantee no one is able to enter your home. Install new batteries and make sure the fire alarms are functioning.

●        Unpack your essentials. Now is the time to unpack the moving essentials box with only the basics to see you through the next 72 hours.

●        Clean your home from top to bottom. Before you begin to unpack, it is the perfect time to give your home a good scrubbing. You may want to switch out toilet seats and replace shower curtains at this time.

●        Explore the area and have a good dinner. By the end of the first day, you'll probably be tired and hungry. Treat yourself to a good meal and spend some time relaxing by exploring the area.


The Second 24 Hours


●        Start unpacking. After a good night's sleep, it is time to start the unpacking and decorating your home.

●        Schedule cable, phone and internet installation. Once you unpack your TV and computers, you can hook up your cable and internet services.

●        Meet your neighbors. By this time your new neighbors are probably pretty anxious to meet your family. Take the time to introduce yourselves.

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