Relocating your business should be an exciting experience. Whether you're expanding into larger offices or moving into a new market, you're on to bigger, better things. Still, it can also be very stressful. How are you going to make sure that everything gets to its destination safely? Apart from choosing the right Minneapolis movers company, you can also follow these time-saving and space-saving tips.


Let Employees Take Care of Their Own Areas

It's easiest to let employees be responsible for their offices and workspaces. If employees box up and unpack their own spaces, it reduces the amount of work that has to be done overall as well as the chances that items may be lost or damaged in transit. This type of moving is also the least disruptive to employees, as they are able to pack up on their own time and find their items when they need them.


Take Apart Large Items of Furniture

It's easiest to move large items, such as L-shaped desks and hutches, when they've been disassembled. In fact, some items probably won't even fit into your new offices otherwise. Take photos of furniture when assembled, and tape any nuts and bolts directly to the furniture so they don't get lost. You don't need to take the entire item apart; just take enough of it apart so that it can easily fit through an ordinary door.


Call About Any Leased Equipment

If you've leased large equipment such as printers or copiers, it's possible the leasers have their own methods of moving their equipment in a move. Some contracts even stipulate that your device has to be moved by the lender way, otherwise, you could be in violation of your lease.


You should always let your movers know that you're going to be moving heavy equipment so they can protect it. Oftentimes, a separate run can be made for any fragile electronic equipment, such as servers, monitors, and telecommunications devices.


Get Rid of Anything You Don't Need

Got clutter? Now is the time to throw out or donate anything your business doesn't need: old equipment, old furniture, and files that have to be shredded. Ideally, you shouldn't be moving anything to your new offices that you aren't certain you have a use for.


Your business moving company can advise you on the best way to manage your move, depending on how large your office is and what your timeline is. To get started, you can call the Right Choice Movers now for a consultation.