Moving is stressful enough when everything goes smoothly. Why add to the frustration? Prevent your valuables from being lost, stolen or broken in transit with these five tips. 

Five Ways to Protect Your Valuables When Moving

Take a complete inventory. Before you pack away something which has a high level of monetary or sentimental value, take a photo of it along with the box that you plan to ship it inside. You can submit the photo of the item in perfect condition to your insurance company if it winds up damaged during the move to help prove your claim. Use the photo of the box to ensure all valuables are delivered when you arrive at your new home. 

Invest in insurance. While many professional movers offer insurance, it is rarely enough to pay for the full replacement value of your possessions. If you are moving precious belongings, you should make sure that the item is covered by your current insurance policy. If it is not, you should look into purchasing additional coverage for the move through your current insurance company or a specialized insurer. 

Pack the correct way. Don't try to save a few bucks when it comes to packing your valuables. Make sure to wrap all of your breakable items with protective packing material and to pack your valuables in an individual box you can secure well enough that it will not shift during a move. You should never label a box filled with valuables with its real contents, or you will increase the chance that it goes missing during your move.

Keep small valuables with you. Some of the most valuable items are small enough to keep with you when you move. You should never trust items like jewelry. bonds or stock certificates and other easily pocketed valuables to the moving company. Even if you trust your movers completely, it is too easy for these items to disappear.

Inspect items before the movers leave. Although you will probably be exhausted after the move, make sure you save enough energy to take a complete inventory of your valuables before you sign off on the move. You can use the photographs you took earlier to find and verify your valuables survived the move. Once the moving truck leaves, it may be very difficult or impossible to file an insurance claim if something is broken or missing.


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