Even if you’ve bought a bigger place, downsizing your possessions before you move offers several advantages. You’ll have to keep track of fewer things, which lowers your stress level and makes for a quicker packing and unpacking process. And because you’re not transporting as much through a home moving company in Minneapolis, you can save money. Here are some tips for downsizing:


Divide and Conquer

First, divide your belongings into four categories. You can divide your things into four actual piles, mark each one with sticky representing each category or make a written list. Your categories should be:

1.       “Dispose” for things you want to throw away.

2.       “Donate” for items you want to give to other people or donate to charity.

3.       “Sell” for stuff you can sell either online or in person.

4.       “Keep” for belongings you want to move.


Make Some Money

Since selling your goods stands out as the most complex and time-consuming of the categories, tackle this first. A plethora of sites exist online for you make money off your stuff. Ebay, Craigslist, neighborhood websites, and even online versions of your local newspaper encourage your money-making efforts and charge you either a small commission or nothing at all. Be sure to allow at least two weeks or more from when you list items for sale to when you finally hand them over to buyers.


Another option is to set up a garage sale for one Saturday or Sunday morning. You can create your own announcement signs or get some free ones from your local real estate agent. Price your items at least 50 percent or more off from what you bought them for if you want to sell them quickly. Whatever you don’t sell can go into the “donate” or “dispose” pile.


Give to Receive

If you don’t have the time or inclination to sell your possessions, give them away. Post a note on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages that ask your friends if they want any of the things you’re giving away. To make it easy on yourself, stipulate that they have to come and collect the items by a certain time and date for them to get it for free. You can also bring your items to a thrift store or donation station for a charity. If your items are too big to carry, such as an antique armoire, many charities will pick them up for free.



This is the least time-consuming and least-involving option for your possession. Chuck them in your trash bins, but be sure that recyclable items go in the right container. Larger items, such as mattresses, can be typically picked up for free by your regular trash collection agency with advance notice.


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