Home movers in Minneapolis can pack your personal possessions, transport them efficiently across cities or states, and deliver them safely to your new destination. But they can only do that if the home you move to remains as empty, safe, and secure as it did when you signed its purchase contract. Here are a few tips for keeping your vacant home safe before you get there:


1| Get Insurance

The best way to protect your home before you actually move in is to buy homeowners insurance, which will protect against any damage or theft, minus whatever deductible you sign up for. As a bonus, the policy will also take care of the belongings that you are moving in to your new home. Getting a policy even before you finalize the purchase contract ensures you’re covered the second you sign on the dotted line. Call an insurance company and ask them about how to obtain coverage starting from the exact time you need it.


2 | Change the Locks

It’s in the best interest of home seller to make sure that the house you move into is in the same condition that it was when you both signed the sales contract. So it’s unlikely that he or she is going to do anything to the structure or its interior. The seller will even hand you the keys so nobody else can enter the empty home. However, you don’t know who else has copies of the keys, such as disgruntled repairmen, vengeful relatives, or mischievous neighbors. So have the locks changed by a locksmith so nobody else has access but you.


3 | Add a Camera or Alarm System

Adding an alarm system will announce break-ins to the neighbors, which won’t help you if you aren’t there to do anything about it. However, if your system is run by a security company, they can check things out if there’s an issue. A security camera is also helpful for recording any incidents that occur when the alarm system isn’t tripped, such as by vandals who deface your exterior walls but don’t break in. Some cameras let you monitor your property remotely through the Internet so you can check on any goings on at any time.


4 | Turn on the Power

Of course, no security alarm or camera system will work if there’s no power to them, so make sure the utility company turns on the electricity once your ownership is finalized. The power will also be useful when your home movers in Minneapolis reach the interior, so they can turn on the lights to see where they are moving boxes to.


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