At first, you feel relief that your Minneapolis movers transported all your possessions to your new home on time and with no damage. But as you and your family remain surrounded by piles of unopened boxes, a sense of panic slowly grows because you have no idea what to do now. Minimize the stress by following these tips on what to unpack first:

1 | Start with the Bathroom

One area you and your family will need to use, especially after a long car trip, is the bathroom, so start unpacking for it first. Put out toilet paper, hand soap, and hand towels to start. Then add any bath towels, shampoo, bath soaps, and other toiletries because you’ll most likely want to clean up after a long day of moving. Unpacking for all the bathrooms in the home ensures you and your family members won’t be running into each other when it’s time to use the facilities.

2 | Keep the Kids Safe

If you have any little ones, it’s important to keep out of harm’s way when your professional movers are taking care of your large furniture and boxes. Sequester the kids in their rooms and unpack their favorite toys so they can amuse themselves while staying safe. With advance planning, you can create a special moving box for them that contains their stuff. They can then unpack that box on their own to feel like they’re helping with the move.

3 | Create Your Retreat

You’re going to need a place to de-stress after the move and to start the next morning fresh. So you’ll need to unpack your bedroom as completely as possible, including all furniture, bedding, clothing, and even items on your make-up table. Make it the one place you can leave your moving worries behind, or start a new day of planning.

4 | Save the Kitchen for Last

The kitchen is easily the most complex room to unpack because of its mix of appliances, food, tableware, knives, and solutions for cleaning. You can safely save this area for last, so you have time to create an unpacking plan. Count on spending the first few days eating out or having takeout delivered. To minimize dishwashing duties after you eat, use paper plates and plastic utensils that you can dispose of after your meal. If it’s important to you that at least one meal of the day is eaten together as a family, you can set up your dining table with a disposable tablecloth and paper napkins, and set out your dining chairs.

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