It’s moving day. Are you prepared? At Right Choice Movers, we’ve taken every step to ensure your moveout goes smoothly. Whether you live in a Twin Cities apartment, are getting a new house, or simply need some before-the-fact home transition moving done, we’re the team to call.

We pride ourselves in offering custom moving services. As your leading Minneapolis movers, we’re dedicated to transporting the majority of your location’s possessions safely. We’re a business moving company, an apartment moving company, and a house moving company all in one. We’ve seen it all.

Still, there are a few things you, the owner, can do during the move-out process to ensure a quick, easy transition. Let’s check them out.

One: Wrap Up the Solo Packing

Right Choice Movers offers extensive packing and storage options. Still, we want to make sure you have any solo-carry items packed away. If you have any personal possessions you want in your car, it’s a good idea to pack them before we arrive. We’ll still package your items for you, but we make sure every property owner’s needs come first.

Two: Stow the Personal Items

During your move, you might need a few things. Whether you’re entering your new house, opening a new apartment, or are transitioning between offices, a personal item bag makes all the difference. Consider packing a bag with the following:

●        A spare set of clothes

●        Snacks

●        Plenty of water

●        A towel

●        Toiletries

 Three: Keep Your Cash, Jewelry and Prescription Medications On Hand

Some items can be tough to package, such as valuables and medications. To speed up the process, make sure these items are taken care of. Moving day can get pretty busy, so knowing where your vital possessions are will definitely reduce the stress.

Four: Add and Double-Check the Labels

Once you’re packed up, label each box with its destination room. In doing so, you’ll help our team unload your possessions efficiently. Once you’ve labeled the boxes, double-check them for accuracy. As your trusted home movers in Minneapolis, Right Choice Movers can help with the process. This said, we know how important it is to have everything organized on delivery.

Five: Hang Out with Us!

We love our job. Sometimes, though, we need a little direction. If your apartment, home, or business has any odd angles, loose door frames or fragile flooring, let us know. We’re dedicated to leaving your area exactly as we found it—minus the boxes, of course. Stick around with us, because we love the company.

If you’re ready for the big move, give us a call at 612-294-6683. Right Choice Movers is ready to box up and transport your living space.