Community Involvement


Community Involvement

As Twin Cities business owners, Right Choice is proud to give back to Minnesota communities, as well as to the Minnesota environment, by volunteering for Adopt-a-Highway and Move for Hunger — two organizations that not only wish to help local people in need, but that want to create a better world altogether.


Adopt-a-Highway provides the public with opportunities to volunteer to pick up litter from along state highways, and roadways. Volunteers commit themselves to clean their adopted site at least 2 times a year for a minimum of 2 years. Roads with heavy traffic or that are inaccessible to pedestrians are ineligible for the program, requiring volunteers to select their adopted highway with MnDot’s help.

Right Choice Movers proudly volunteers for this program and gladly gives back to the Twin Cities communities it loves, and the Minnesota environment it appreciates.

Move for Hunger

At moving time, many people throw out food items that could go to families in need instead. But the good news is that if people or businesses wish to donate their non-perishable items at the time of their move, all they need to do is set them aside — that’s it. Participating moving companies, and their crews will pack the items, and deliver them to local food banks.

Right Choice Movers are just one of many moving companies that volunteers to pick up non-perishable food items from homes and businesses at moving time, and deliver them to local food banks, thereby helping many families in need.

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