Boxes are the ultimate moving necessity, and Right Choice Movers has a box for virtually anything you can think of. We can even pack and unpack them for you!

No matter what you need to pack and move, we can provide you with the right boxes for the task. We have basic carton-style boxes in all sizes that are perfect for miscellaneous items, as well as speciality boxes for clothing, dishes, televisions, and more.

Packing Made Easy.

Protect your belongings during your upcoming move with the right packing materials. We have everything you need to keep your possessions safe and sound. Whether you’re doing your own packing, or having our team do it for you, we can ensure you have everything you need for your move.

  • Want Us to Do the Packing? Don’t want to tackle the process of packing your belongings before you move? Our team can take care of it for you! Whether it’s just a few items, or your whole house, Right Choice Movers can provide the packing materials and pack everything with care.
  • Prefer to Pack Your Own Items? If you’d rather handle the packing yourself, we have everything you’ll need. We offer a complete range of packing materials, including boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, and more. Not sure what items you’ll need to prepare for your move? Our team can help you find everything you need.

No matter what your moving needs may be, we’re here to make the entire process easier for you! Contact us today to learn more about the moving supplies and services we offer, and to get a free estimate for your upcoming move.

Pricing for Moving Boxes and Packing Materials.

We have everything you need to pack every item in your home with care.

Item: Pricing (each): Dimensions:
1.5 Carton “small” Box $1.50 16.5”x12.5”x12.625”
3.0 Carton “Medium” Box $2.50 18.25”x18”x16”
4.5 Carton “Large” Box $3.50 18”x18”x24”
6.0 Carton “Extra Large” Box $4.50
Dish Box $5.50
Dish pack Kit $11.75 Includes dish box plus dividers for glasses
Mirror Carton $9.00
Mirror Carton Kit $19.99 Includes cardboard inserts to keep frame
Packing Tape – Small Roll $2.99 55’ Roll
Packing Tape – Large Roll $5.00 110' Roll
Bubble Wrap $30 5/16”x12”x40”
Black Marker $2.50 Careful: Sharpie
TV Carton $85.00 Flat Screen up to 50”
TV Carton $95.00 Flat Screen up to 60”
Wardrobe Box w/Bar $10.99 2’ of hanger space
Speed pack $25.00
Lamp Box $4.00 12”x12”x40”
Crib Box 7.50
Mattress Bag Twin $4.99
Mattress Bag Full/Double $5.99
Mattress Bag Queen/King $6.99
Tape Gun $11.99
Stretch Wrap $2499 18”x1500’
Carpet Shield $39.99 14”x200’
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