Moving Storage


Moving Storage

At moving time, sometimes you need to place a few of your items in storage — sometimes all of them. But we can handle that and more! Whether your needs include short term, or long term storage, our climate controlled, and secure warehouses provide the storage space you require for the amount of time you need.

Our professional moving staff will treat your possessions, and belongings with the ultimate care and respect — handling them like they were their own. Your possessions will not only be inventoried accurately by our warehouse staff, but they will be handled respectfully, and padded for care once received by our team.

Before we load your items into our climate controlled storage vaults within our warehouse, we keep them safe, protecting them by padding them down with thick moving blankets and/or shrink wrap — and at no additional cost to you.

More of our moving storage services include:

  • Inventory inspection and verification
  • Climate controlled
  • Free onsite estimates
  • Shrink wrapping and pad protection
  • Short and long term storage
  • Clean and safe warehouse
  • Flexible scheduling

By contacting our office 24-hours in advance, you can access your storage vaults anytime. Once you have found your new space, and you are comfortably moved in, contact us when you’re ready to get your items out of storage. We will gladly help you schedule a date to deliver your storage items at a time that is the most convenient for you.

Why Storage Vaults?

Most people have heard of mobile storage, and self-storage, but sometimes the answers to your storage needs are storage vaults. Storage vaults gives you the chance to only pay for the space that you need for just the amount of time you need it. Mobile storage and self-storage frequently require you to pay default prices for standard spaces that you oftentimes don’t want, and many times don’t even need.

Storage vaults at Right Choice Movers gives you the opportunity to store your belongings for the long-term, even doing heavy lifting, and moving for you, saving you both time and effort. Storage vaults are a fantastic option for those individuals who are remodeling, going on an extended vacation, needing things out of the way during a move, or while building a home.

Storage vaults are secured in our warehouses, protected from the outside elements, and equipped with top notch security. If you still have questions about our security system or climate control, or need additional information, please feel free to ask us! We would love to give you a tour, and show you our warehouse.

Packaging Services

You wouldn’t take a flat tire to a plumber for repair anymore than you would take your computer’s hard drive to an interior decorator. Why should hiring a moving company for your packing needs be any different? Why trust your packing needs to just anyone?

Right Choice Movers provides packing services for your residential and commercial relocating needs. Our packing services are fully customized for each client, In order to accurately determine the personalized requirements for each individual customer, Right Choice Movers will send a professional moving representative to your residence and/or business to provide a free estimate. Whether the entire site needs to be packed and moved, or just a few essentials, Right Choice Movers can help. There’s a difference between packing, and professional packing -- and we’re pleased to guarantee the latter.

The most valuable, and essential characteristic of a professional moving team is experience, and the team at Right Choice Movers has the experience you not only require, but that you deserve. Our professional movers have perfected their packing techniques, and packaging skills so as to guarantee your peace of mind. Packing for a move can be one of the biggest challenges — if not the biggest challenge — when it comes to moving corporations or residences. So contact us today for a free on-site quote, or fill out this form, and get your estimate today!

Our efficient, and easy storage processes, as well as our packing services are just other ways Right Choice Movers is not only the right choice, but the best choice.

Ready to move? Call 651-478-7488 and make the right choice today.

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